At Strategic Access Group, we are not only traditional lobbyists, but an organization that educates and seeks to guide public opinion in a manner that benefits our clients. Our goal is for the public to become properly informed, capable of putting their assertions and claims about your company or industry in a context that is used in a productive manner when before our public legislative institutions.

When properly educated, such a public will push legislators and public officials in the direction of responsible lawmaking, and it will push far more powerfully to design, amend or realize public policy. No matter how resourceful you are in gaining or expanding access to lawmakers and public officials, the voters are the ultimate lobbyists.

Lobbying on big issues these days means putting out the facts to wider audiences. At Strategic Access Group we believe that an informed public is necessary for a stable and productive democratic process that benefits the client, the government in question and ultimately the public.

Below, please find our areas of expertise.


  • Annexation & Incorporations
  • Corporate Political Consulting
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Management
  • International Business Development
  • International Delegation Management
  • Land Use Consulting
  • Lobbying – Municipal, County, State & Federal
  • Message Development
  • Non-Profit Relations
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Protocol Training