Florida is the fourth most populous state in the United States. It is distinguished by its large Hispanic community and enjoys a high level of population growth. Florida is a battle ground state for presidential elections and is an incubator for trendsetting policy. Due to the term-limited environment in the state and local arenas, there is a constant flux of talent and policy issues.


Florida has 27 members in its Congressional Delegation. Over half of the members began their service in local or state office. Florida has a diverse congressional delegation with members in key committees and leadership positions. The Florida delegation has had members who have served as  both Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee chairmen and the delegation has been a force in Washington when united on an issue, despite party affiliation.


Florida has a unique strong Cabinet structure as the members are independently elected statewide. The Cabinet consists of the Governor, Attorney General, the Commissioner of Agriculture and the Chief Financial Officer. Under the Cabinet’s jurisdiction, each member carries one vote in the decision making process.


Florida has a bicameral legislature consisting of a 40 member Florida Senate and a 120 member Florida House. The Florida Legislature meets in the spring for a 60-day regular session. Special sessions are subject to be called to address pressing issues.


Florida consists of 67 counties with hundreds of municipalities (also known as cities, villages or towns). Each local entity has its own regulatory system and bureaucratic dynamics.

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